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Michael Travis Leake

A well-known American musician and former paratrooper, Michael Travis Leake. The artist has resided in Russia for more than 10 years.

Leake’s arrest news recently made headlines outside of his professional singing career, putting him in the spotlight.

He was detained on June 10 on suspicion of transporting illegal substances, according to the sources, and it has been said that he might spend many years in prison.

Leake was shown imprisoned in a metal cage in a video from his trial that was shown on Russian official television. In another video, the performer was heard explaining that he “didn’t know” why he had been arrested.

Does Michael Travis Leake Have a Wife?

There is no evidence that American musician Michael Travis Leake is married or has a wife. Travis also posts updates about his daily life on his Instagram account, which he has set up with the moniker @travisleake.

Travis once posted pictures of his activities and events. He may have had relationships in the past and been married, based on an examination of his Instagram posts.

Tarvis shared a picture of a woman on December 18, 2019, along with the description, “Out on the town, London.” “Is this your new wife?” a user on Instagram said. Leake said, “Yup,” to the query.

According to the IG post, Michael may have wed, but he generally prefers to keep his private things private rather than divulge them to the public. Other than that, none of the dependable media sources have yet provided anything regarding Michael’s private life.

Discover the parents of Michael Travis Leake: Mother Glenda Garcia and Father

Michael Travis Leake’s parents gave birth to him, although the musician hasn’t said much about them in public.

His father’s name isn’t listed online, however, it has been stated that his mother is Glenda Garcia. His mother addressed the media after his arrest and spoke about her son.

Glenda said that she was from Bakersfield and that she hadn’t spoken to her son since Mother’s Day. Glenda continued by disclosing the entire name of her son.

The artist who was detained has no other information about his family. Therefore, it is still uncertain if Michael has siblings.

What’s become of Michael Travis Leake?

In anticipation of a potential trial, Michael Travis Leake was taken into jail and will remain there until August 6. Travis was taken into custody on grounds of possible narcotics trafficking.

According to web rumors, Michael is said to be selling mephedrone, a drug with effects comparable to those of cocaine and MDMA.

Leake was also mandated to spend two months in pre-trial prison by a Moscow court. The musician who was detained also faces narcotics manufacture or distribution charges, which carries a possible 20-year prison term.

In addition, the US State Department stated that owing to privacy concerns, it would not make any additional comments.

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