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Darby Camp

Darby Camp is a rising talent in the entertainment industry who shot to fame in the 2017 HBO miniseries Big Little Lies as Chloe McKenzie. When she was quite little, she was cast as Frankie in the Netflix films Benji and The Christmas Chronicles as Kate Pierce.

In the year 2007, Darby Camp was born in the USA. She blows out her birthday candle on July 14. Her parents are Clark and Lacy Camp.

Her sole sibling was her older sister, Ruthie Camp. She attended Davidson Community School for her schooling.

Where was Darby Camp born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Clark and Lacy Camp welcomed Darby Camp into the world. In addition to serving as an assistant coach for the North Mecklenburg boys, her father coordinates technical education.

On the other side, her mother was a teacher at UNC Greensboro before she became a graduate student from North Mecklenburg. She used to go there to pursue her interest in theater.

On the other hand, her mother intended to pursue a profession in acting after graduating. Her parents reared Ruthie, her older sister, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While she is filming, she is also given access to a set instructor. Darby’s family history says her grandfather passed away before she was born. Her grandpa served in the American Army in the late 1960s.

Quick fact

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Darby Camp
14 July 2007
Charlotte, North Carolina
Under Review
thousands of dollars
Clark Camp and Lacy Camp

Is Darby Camp Single? Relationship

Darby is a young teenager who inhabits her make-believe universe. Her priorities are succeeding in her goals and getting her degree, not dating.

In her career, she still has a long way to go. Dating and having a boyfriend are currently merely topics of discussion.

How tall is Darby Camp? Weight, Hair Color

Darby is developing, therefore her weight and height will change as she does.

Her height and weight are therefore unknown. Her eyes have a tone of brown and are brown.

How did Darby Camp start her Professional Career?

Darby Camp started acting when she was a little child, and her mother later found this talent and started honing it. She was cast as Creaming Child 2 in the television series Door to Door in 2013.

She spent a year working for Drop Dead Dive before turning six and becoming Daisy Bowen. Then, in the television film The Summers Sisters, Darby was given the role of Sky.

She was even given a role in the 2015–2017 television series The Leftovers. Millions of people admired her for her roles and her prowess, catapulting her to fame.

She eventually rose to fame for her roles as Chloe Mackenzie in Big Little Lies and Erin Miller in Grey’s Anatomy. Darby has also appeared in movies including Benji, Dreamland, and The Christmas Chronicles.

She even finished filming for The Christmas Chronicles 2 in 2020 after finishing her work on Calm Before. As of 2020, Darby Camp has acquired a thousand-dollar net worth.

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