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Edurne Garcia

In addition to singing, Edurne Garcia is a television personality. The vocalist Edurne Gracia saw a similar rise to fame in the second half of 2005.

What is the Net Worth of Edurne Garcia? Salary, Earnings

The vocalist Edurne Garcia is well-known. Her acting and singing careers provide the majority of her income. Her revenues come from acting assignments as well as the sales of her CDs.

Along with acting and singing, she also earns money via brand collaborations, interviews, and guest spots. She hasn’t mentioned her income despite this, though. In any case, her total net worth is said to be over $18 million.

Where was Edurne Garcia born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Edurne was born on December 22, 1985. Additionally, she goes by Edurne Gracia Almagro. She is currently 36 years old. Edurne Garcia was created in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

She is therefore a Spanish national. Her parents are Tomás Gracia (Father) and Yolanda Almagro (Mother). Other than her parents’ names, little more is known about her early life.

In addition, Edurne has avoided discussing the background of her family. We don’t know what her parents do or anything else about them right now.

She prefers to keep her private affairs private from prying eyes. Yolanda and Tomás, her parents, appear to be her sole children.

There isn’t a lot of information available online about her academic history. Edurne seems to prefer to keep such knowledge secret, confiding in her loved ones and close friends the majority of the time.

The singer’s prior academic institutions or schools are not known. She undoubtedly has a high school diploma from her earlier years.

Quick fact

Full Name:

Born Date:



Edurne Gracia
22 Dec 1985
36 years




Marital Status:


Net Worth

Singer, Actress
5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
David De Gea
$18 million
Birth Place




Madrid, Spain
Tomás Gracia
Yolanda Almagro


Edurne Gracia Youtube
Edurne Gracia Instagram

Is Edurne Garcia Single? Relationship

David De Gea, a Spanish football player, and the singer are dating. The sportsman and singer have been dating for a while. In 2010 they started dating, and they’ve been together ever since.

Since then, the pair have remained together. The couple is also the parents of a beautiful baby girl. They have a daughter in March 2021. Edurne has never before been connected to anyone, except David.

How tall is Edurne Garcia? Weight, Hair Color

The height of Edurne Gracia is 5 feet 7 inches. Edurne has dazzling hazel eyes and gorgeous blonde hair as well. She is preoccupied with maintaining her appearance.

She appears to exercise often. Similar to how she swiftly recovered her figure after giving birth.

How did Edurne Garcia start her Professional Career?

When Edurne was still relatively young, his career began. She became a part of a young people’s musical ensemble when she was nine years old. Since that time, she hasn’t turned around. Edurne’s career has reached previously unheard-of heights.

She is talented in singing and acting. She has moreover made appearances in several Spanish movies and television programs as a young actress.

Similar to this, she participated in Operación Triunfo, a singing contest, in 2005. Even though she lost the contest, she was a standout performer the whole time she was on the show.

Additionally, she obtained her first record deal with Sony BMG Spain. She eventually got the chance to release her album, named “Edurne,” in 2006. Her songs performed remarkably well for a budding musician.

Even the top of the Spanish charts was reached by a few of the tracks. Gradually, she started to build a reputation as a vocalist.

Her well-known songs include “Despierta,” “Te Falta Veneno,” “Amanecer,” and others. Without a doubt, she is among the best singers in Spain.

She has released a total of seven albums. The same can be said about her most recent album, “Catharsis,” which was released in June 2020.

Since the start of her singing career, she has taken part in various tours. She has so far completed five joint tours and six solo tours. The official YouTube channel of @EDURNE also hosts her music.

She now has 144k followers on YouTube. Edurne frequently uses this platform to distribute her music to her audience. In addition to being an actor, Edurne is a television personality.

She has been in several movies and TV series. In Spain, she has also presented and judged several reality shows and contests. On programs like “Objetivo Eurovision,” “Got Talent Espaa,” and “Idol Kids,” Edurne has acted as a judge.

Throughout her career, she has been nominated for a lot of accolades. She has also been given various honors. The singer, 36, has thus far received a lot of awards, including:

(2006) Premio Naranja de la Sierra a la Musica-Premio Naranja de la Sierra a la Musica-Premio Naranja

(2006)’s Evax Awards named Chica Tanga Girl “Tanga” Girl of the Year. At the 2011 Must! Awards, “Oigo mi corazón” won best video.

Social Media Details

She uses Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms often. Edurne Garcia uses the Instagram account @edurnity. She has 1.8 million Instagram followers on her official account.

Edurne’s account has been verified by Instagram. She has a total of 1944 postings on her feed. Her username on YouTube is @EDURNE. 144 thousand people are presently subscribers to her YouTube account.

The duration of the YouTube channel’s existence is about 11 years. She also has a million followers on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @Edurnity.

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