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JM Canlas

A well-known Filipino actor, JM Canlas is well remembered for his appearances in “Team Yey” and “Kiko Boksingero.” He began performing at an early age and was born on January 1st, 2006.

At the age of 17, JM Canlas passed away suddenly on August 3, 2023. His death has created a void in the entertainment industry, especially among his supporters. Although the cause of JM Canlas’ death has not yet been established, his brother Elijah Canlas has made suggestions about mental health problems.


In the Philippines, JM Canlas was a well-known personality. He became a fan favorite because of his upbeat performances and charming personality. His most famous roles were in the TV shows “Team Yey” and “Kiko Boksingero.”

Bio of JM Canlas

JM, a Quezon City native, has always had a passion for performing. When he was eleven years old, he started working in the entertainment industry. His career developed alongside him, earning him countless successes and honors.

What Caused JM Canlas’ Death?

JM Canlas’s passing has not yet been properly declared. According to his brother, JM was experiencing issues related to his mental health. This has brought attention to the importance of mental health support, particularly in the entertainment industry.

JM Canlas Films and Television

Several well-known television series are listed on JM Canlas’s CV. He took an active role in “Team Yey” and made an appearance in “Kiko Boksingero.” He played his roles with zest and dedication, which helped him win the hearts of many.

The Team Yey and JM Canlas

JM’s abilities were superbly displayed in “Team Yey.” His participation on the show from 2017 until 2023 contributed to its appeal to youthful viewers. Through this presentation, he had a crucial role in influencing the audience in a positive way.

Images of JM Canlas from Instagram

The more than 100,000 followers on JM’s Instagram account gave a look into his active life. He frequently shared photos of his family, his business, and his travels. His comments on the website showed his gregarious demeanor.

TV shows and motion pictures with Elijah Canlas

Elijah Canlas, JM Canlas’s older brother, is another well-known performer. He is most recognized for his roles in the films “MMK” and “Love or Money,” and he has actively worked to raise awareness about mental health. He had a close personal and professional relationship with JM.

An Untimely Death for JM Canlas

The music industry and his fans were grieved by JM’s untimely passing. His passing emphasizes the necessity of mental health services. The unrecognized struggles that many individuals face are saddened by JM Canlas’s cause of death.

Members of Team Yey’s cast

Miles Ocampo, Kiray Celis, Maris Racal, Andrea Brillantes, and Seth Fedelin were other notable “Team Yey” cast members. Each made a distinct contribution to the program, which helped it become popular with its target audience.


JM’s life and work have had a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. It is a tragic loss that he passed away at the young age of 17. Although JM’s official cause of death has not yet been established, it suggests that there are unresolved issues that require quick attention.

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