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Lana Faith Johnson

Actress Lana Faith Johnson is American. An equally intriguing story had just happened in the context of the uproar and commotion brought on by Victor Consunji’s legal battle with Maggie Wilson and their social media outbursts.

Loyal Consunji team member Lana Faith Johnson has become the focus of a Police investigation. For many years, Johnson was in charge of Consunji’s marketing and PR efforts. She has access to Consunji’s personal and professional life because of their tight professional relationship. Johnson was present for both the good and bad times in Consunji and Maggie Wilson’s marriage, so he was familiar with the business’s operations and devoted clientele.

Has Lana Faith Johnson been arrested? accusations of stealing and theft

Arrested: Lana Faith Johnson Several news websites use this as their headline. This article will delve deeper into rumors that are circulating and their accuracy. Let’s say a concerned fan types “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested” into a search engine. This article will investigate any leads regarding the publicist’s life and the occurrence that implicated her in this situation.

Contrarily, Johnson betrayed Consunji, shattering their faith. Johnson allegedly faced accusations of “theft” or “stealing” from the business. Following the discovery of the anomalies, the authorities intervened and handed Johnson over to the legal system. Johnson’s complex plan to take advantage of her employment and the business that put its trust in her is still a secret. But according to a source, there have been more than a few instances, not just one or two.

Johnson lied to her former boss, but she also misled the clients who trusted her to manage their commercial relationships with the company. In the meanwhile, Wilson penned something that appeared to be a reference to the event. Wilson appeared to be talking about how a “you” trusted “she” more than “her” without naming any specific individuals. He stressed his rejection of her cautions as he concluded. When the information was revealed, it proved her intuition was correct.

What Actions Took Lana Faith Johnson?

A Babbler claims that the entrapment operation that resulted in Lana Faith Operana Johnson’s arrest on November 11 was carried out by Taguig City Police PLT Wilfredo Tanquerido Jr. and PCOL Robert R. Baesa, as well as Johnson’s employer, Victor Consunji Development Corp.

After giving the complainant, Bernabe Mendoza, a “falsified receipt” for the construction company’s payment, the 38-year-old was taken into custody with P82,500 in entrapment money. Because it was such a significant betrayal, the information soon went viral after it was made public. Lana was being reprimanded for her behavior since she had breached the trust that others had placed in her.

In February, Johnson, who oversees the specialized PR agency, Johnson & Associates, was featured in a post by Tatler Philippines about her “evening skincare ritual.” Johnson said in a two months ago interview with the Lifestyle section of the Manila Bulletin that “you can make a difference in any business you are in if you have the right intentions, discipline, and support.”

She is one of the nation’s most sought-after publicists, according to a People Asia interview from 2019. Johnson has worked with some of the nation’s most well-known individuals and companies, like VConsunji Inc., Bobbi Brown, AirAsia BIG, Steph Zubiri-Crespi, and Denise Laurel, to name a few.

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