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Laura Galán Pareja

Laura Galán is an actress from Guadalajara. Many people have never heard of the actress; let us all learn more about her together. Laura has been in the headlines for some time, yet many people are still ignorant that she is the most powerful actress of all time.

People loved her forthright demeanor in the short film Cerdita, in which she appeared. Laura has spent a long period devoted to her trade, and she has been in various short films and television shows. ‘Secret Origins,’ directed by Javier Rey, and ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,’ directed by Terry Gilliam, are two of her films.

Is Laura Galán Pareja Married?

Laura is married; she has been married to filmmaker Patrick Bencomo for five years. Patrick is the director of several films, including ‘Pequeas Coincidencias’ and ‘Entrevas.’ Patrick likes to involve his wife in everything he can, thus Laura worked as an assistant director in ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.’

The couple appears to have a solid relationship, and the audience may see them together in several films. They enjoy working together on the same tasks. The couple’s only child is Timi Bencomo. Adal Bencomo, their second child, was born in April 2022. The couple has a large family, but they haven’t divulged anything about their children.

They were always keen to keep their children’s lives out of the public eye. Laura Galán, a well-known Guadalajara actress, was born in 1986. She started her acting career as a child, and her main ambition was to get to where she is now. The film received positive reviews and won the Goya Award for Fiction Short Film in 2019. In an interview, the Guadalajara actress stated that she was pleased with herself following the publication of the film.

Laura Galán Family

Laura was born to powerful parents and raised by herself. Laura’s parents are Lola (mother) and Teo Galán (father). Lola, the Cerdita cast’s mother, died young of cancer. Her Father was always by her side. As a result, she has had a close relationship with her Father since she was a child.

Teo, her father, has always encouraged her professional path; she has always wanted to be an actress, and her father has always wanted to see Laura flourish as an actress. She also hasn’t shared any photos of her parents on social media. She was considerate of her Father’s privacy.

Laura Galán’s Net Worth In 2023

People are curious about Laura Galán Pareja net worth; according to a source, her updated net worth in 2022 is $437K. She has not publicly mentioned her income, thus the figure may be incorrect. Her successful acting career is her primary source of income. She may also have other sources, such as investments and a business.

Laura is famous for her role in the short film Cerdita. Sara, the role she plays, is a young girl who is mistreated because of her weight and lives in terror of the pain she endures. In the film, she was quite gutsy, and everyone liked her performance. Everyone admired her much.

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