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Mahogany LOX is a popular American singer, actor, DJ, and user of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Mahogany LOX originally became well-known through Vine and took part in the 2014 Magcon tour.

Because of her music collection on Vine, she was already quite well-known among fans before she published her debut single.

What is the Net Worth of Mahogany? Salary, Earnings

When her wages and other sources of income are taken into account, her net worth is $87K. Her main sources of income are her singing profession and YouTube. She also generates money from the sales of her products.

Where was Mahogany born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Mahogany LOX was born in Michigan, USA, on October 5, 1994. Her astrological sign is Libra, and she is 27 years old. She resides in the United States.

She is also a distinguished member of the well-known African-American music industry family known as the Gordy Family. Valerie Robeson is her mother, and Berry Gordy IV is her father.

Her grandparents were Berry Gordy and Bertha Fuller Gordy. Her father was raised in Detroit and was the seventh child. Skyler Austen Gordy, her brother, is a dancer, rapper, singer, DJ, and record producer.

He is a part of the musical group LMFAO together with his uncle Stefan Kendal Gordy.

She also received the moniker Mahogany in honor of the movie’s director, Berry Gordy, her grandpa. Her aunt, Ana Gordy, was married to Marvin Gaye, another well-known artist, from 1963 until 1977.

Regarding her educational history and credentials, it is not yet known which educational institutions she attended or is presently enrolled in.

Given her age, she can’t be a dropout; she must have finished both high school and university.

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05 Oct, 1994
28 years
Youtube Star, Instagram Star, Singer
United States
5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Carlos Esparza
Light brown
34-24-36 inches
Berry Gordy IV
Valerie Robeson
One brother (Skyler Austen Gordy)
Mahogany Facebook
Mahogany Twitter
Mahogany Youtube
Mahogany Instagram

Is Mahogany Single? Relationship

Carlos EMahogany’ssparza and Mahogany LOX are romantically connected. On TikTok, Carlos is well-known. In 2015, they both began dating.

On their respective social media profiles, the pair have shared a ton of cute images and videos. She’s included her spouse in a lot of her YouTube videos and songs.

How tall is Mahogany? Weight, Hair Color

Mahogany is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 49 kg. She is also 34-24-36 inches tall, with measurements for her hips, waist, and breast.

She also has wavy light brown hair and brown eyes. Mahogany is an extremely lovely and adorable child with a wonderful personality.

How did Mahogany start her Professional Career?

Mahogany was a popular Vine character. Her Vine videos were entertaining and compelling and are worth viewing.

She racked up more than a million followers on Vine. It didn’t take her long to find popularity on other platforms, including YouTube and music, as she was already well-known on Vine.

The Vine was nonetheless forced to shut down in 2016. She visited 22 US locations while on tour with the girl group “Fifth Harmony” in 2015. The “Reflection Tour,” the inaugural performance of this tour, took place from February 27 to March 27, 2015.

After her Fifth Harmony tour, she decided to showcase her singing talents in the “Boom” music video. “Boom” was released as a single in 2015. S

He became a well-known star all over the world as a result of the song’s immediate success.

There was no turning back for Lox once “Boom” was posted on Popcrush, a website devoted to engaging and modern pop music.

The video was later uploaded on YouTube, where it has amassed over 1.5 million views. In the video, which incorporates some allusions to 1980s pop culture, she can be seen skating about town on various skateboards.

The Popcrush interview states that She then wanted to develop a video that people would like and grin at. She not only completed that goal successfully, but she also became a pop celebrity.

Her rapper brother Sky Blu was the song’s producer. She also released several other songs after “Boom”.

Similar to that, in a competition hosted by PopCrush in 2015, she defeated Lele Pons to win the title of “Queen of Young Hollywood” by winning.

Additionally, her family made a huge contribution to the “Rhythm and Blues” musical subgenre’s popularity on a global scale.

All of the credit should go to her father Berry Gordy Jr. because he established Motown, which was essential in establishing racial harmony in music.

She uploads videos to her channel where she sings hit songs. She has also uploaded vlogs, challenge videos, cosmetic tips, tags, storytimes, lifestyle videos, and many more on her YouTube account.

How to kiss with feet. The most popular video on her channel is My Lover. Since its release on February 6, 2016, this video has amassed 9 million views. Numerous more well-known videos in a similar spirit are widely available.

Her finest characteristic is that she has the appearance of being someone that everyone can relate to. Despite the attention and notoriety she has garnered, none of her social media profiles exude “spoiled celebrity” status.

Her memoirs and essays seem to give a more authentic representation of a young person who is truly content with her existence.

She also avoids celebrities who only post depressing things on social media to make other people upset. She is also loved and admired since she is a family girl.

When she’s not singing or dancing, she likes to act and create clothes. Anytime she has free time, she likes to sketch up her creative ideas.

She likes keeping up with the Tokyo fashion scene and is an ardent follower of American fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

Social Media Details

Mahogany’s social media pages all see sporadic activity. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 609k subscribers on YouTube. Mahogany also has 97,000 Facebook admirers and 1.2 million Twitter followers.

She also takes part in Patreon.

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