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Marcelo Drummond

Learn about the life of legendary Brazilian actor and director Marcelo Drummond. Find more about his age, his relationship with theatrical director Zé Celso, and their lasting contribution to the arts.

Famous Brazilian actor and director Marcelo Drummond has experience in theatre, film, and television. Drummond’s performances have established him as a significant figure in the Brazilian entertainment industry by showcasing his brilliance and versatility.

Zé Celso Esposa’s age, according to Marcelo Drummond Idade.

At this time, Marcelo Drummond is 60 years old. When they first met in Rio de Janeiro in 1987, their romantic odyssey began. Walking through Gávea after the premiere of the American opera “Porgy and Bess,” Zé Celso stumbled upon Marcelo. Celso thought their connection was odd because it happened so quickly.

After the meeting, they proceeded to Marcelo’s house where they read “The Bacchae” together and engaged in sensuality.The two  made the decision to get married in 2023 after living together for 37 years. This significant action was motivated by Celso’s wish to properly manage his theatrical legacy and assets after his passing.

Zé Celso wanted to leave everything in order and gave Marcelo Drummond full control over his wealth. Throughout their journey together, Celso and Marcelo have remained friends, encouraging one another’s artistic goals. Their friendship has endured the test of time and served as the foundation for their long-term relationship and collaborative artistic projects.

Biography and Wikipedia for Marcelo Drummond

Actor and director Drummond is well-known in the entertainment industry. Drummond ought to have his own entry on Wikipedia. On the other hand, his association with renowned theatre director Celso has garnered a lot of attention and celebrity for him. He lately gained attention for being the late Celso, a well-known dramatist.

The two were tragically involved in an apartment fire, which led to their admission at Hospital So Paulo. Despite attempts to save him, Celso perished from his wounds. In an interview with GloboNews, Marcelo Drummond, who observed the fire’s most gruesome moments, described what happened.

Celso, who had little movement, was bravely battled for, but eventually succumbed to smoke inhalation. Celso requested that Marcelo open the window during their most recent encounter, Marcelo recalled. After leaving the flat, Celso got basic medical care before being transferred to the intensive care unit, where it was discovered that 53% of his body had been burned.

According to the Institute of Criminalistics of the So Paulo Secretariat of Public Security, the fire was started by an electric heater. Celso and Drummond had a solid relationship and had been wed for 37 years. They got married in June and held a sizable celebration of their union at the theatre Zé Celso built in 1958, Teatro Oficina.

Tragically, Celso’s remains is interred here as well. The theatre community and those who knew them will never forget their love story and shared adventure. The union of Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa and Marcelo Drummond marked a turning point in their ongoing love story and revealed the depth of their commitment to one another. As they started this new chapter of their lives, surrounded by the love and support of their cherished friends and family, the celebration was filled with enormous joy.

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