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Master P

Percy Rich American rapper, actor, businessman, and record producer Robert Miller, best known by his stage name Master P, is also a rapper. In addition to being the founder and CEO of No Limit Records, he also serves as the CEO of P. Miller Enterprises.

In addition, Miller is the owner of the American professional wrestling academy House of Glory (HOG). Five Grammy Awards have been given to Master P. He was admitted into Louisiana’s Music Hall of Fame in 2013 and became the state’s first hip-hop musician ever.

Master P also came in at number six on Forbes magazine’s list of the 10 richest rappers in the world in 2021. He recently received an honorary doctorate from Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University.

Master P’s earnings and net worth

According to estimates, Master P’s music, movies, television shows, and other commercial endeavors have contributed to his $200 million net worth. He established the American record company No Limit Records, which was later renamed No Limit Forever Records. Master P has released and sold a number of albums through No Limit Records.

The rapper gained notoriety and amassed wealth thanks to his record labels. One of the wealthiest individuals in American hip-hop culture, Miller’s net worth was reported to exceed $200 million in 2013. Millions of dollars made from his songs have also been invested by him in other businesses.

According to reports, Miller has invested in 45 commercial enterprises. The millionaire’s net worth is greatly increased by the profits from these businesses. Additionally, Master P has acted in a number of movies and TV shows, living a nice life thanks to his earnings. He has over the years gained recognition in the film industry by acting in and directing a number of movies.

In the early 2000s, Master P signed a deal with World Championship Wrestling CEO Eric Bischoff that guaranteed him $200,000 for each TV appearance. both to take advantage of the rapper’s celebrity and because television viewership was dropping. Better Black Television (BBTV011), a cable television network devoted to disseminating positive messages to the African-American community, was founded by the first hip-hop entrepreneur, Master P.

Master P: Personality

The rapper’s lifestyle has led to remarkable physical condition. He works out in the morning from nine until eleven. He exercises with weights, burpees, aerobics, boxing, and sit-ups. To safeguard his health, Master P also keeps his diet consistent and consumes fewer calories.

The 54-year-old hip-hop mogul, Master P, is still actively pursuing a career in music. No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape, his most recent album, was released on July 29, 2020. Additionally, P is currently focusing his energies on growing his companies, such Moneyatti and Uncle P, by producing new apparel and food products.

The majority of Master P’s time away from his business is spent with his family. P just shared a video of himself having fun with his family on social media. He added that spending time with family is important and that nothing can replace it. In addition, Master P and Lil Romeo devote their time and efforts to aiding those in need.

P. Master Charity

Through his foundation, P. Miller Youth Centers, and P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless, Master P has used his wealth to give back to the community. For more than 20 years, his charities have provided assistance to inner-city children all around the country.

Miller awarded 10 scholarships to youngsters in New Orleans in 2017 during a charity basketball tournament. Additionally, he paid for the funeral costs of Trinity Randolph, a 3-year-old who was shot in Louisville in 2020.

He also established Take A Stand Records, a music label whose profits will go to underprivileged kids. The rapper gave a half million dollars to three organizations, including two Catholic schools in New Orleans that he had previously attended. He and his son Percy Romeo Miller were given a Certificate of Special Recognition for their charitable contributions by Congresswoman Maxine Waters in 2005.

Career, Master P

Miller received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Houston. However, he left and was transferred to Oakland, California’s Merritt College. When his grandfather passed away shortly after, he left him $10,000, which he used to start No Limit Records in Richmond, California.

On February 12, 1991, the rapper’s debut studio album, Get Away Clean, was made available. Together with his two brothers, Corey Miller and Vyshonn Miller, he founded the music rap group TRU in 1993. In-A-Minute Records released their debut album, “Understanding the Criminal Mind,” after entering into a short-term distribution partnership with TRU.

In 1995, Beats By the Pound acquired No Limit Records, which included new performers and in-house producers. Additionally, he obtained a distribution agreement for No Limit Records with Priority Records. Master P made millions of dollars from one transaction alone. In 1996, he re-joined TRU to work on Tru 2 da Game alongside his siblings Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder.

The number-one album by Master P, Ghetto D, came out in 1997. The album went triple platinum and has the most first-week sales of any Master P record with about 760,000 copies sold. MP Da Last Don, Master P’s sixth and best-selling album, was released in 1998. The song’s sales totaled over four million.

The same year, he also released a film with the same name. Over the years, he has sold more than 75 million albums and garnered five Grammy nominations, four A.M.A., three MTV, four BET Awards, and more. Master P made his acting debut in 1997. He wrote, directed, produced, and starred in his first film, “I’m ‘Bout It,” which was financed by a $1 million bank loan.

Self-releasing it on videocassette, Master P made over 200,000 sales and made back his investment plus an additional $9 million. Over the years, he has contributed to a variety of films and television programs as a director, writer, and actor.

Besides his roles in movies and television. Miller also served as the program’s executive producer for the Nickelodeon network. Additionally, Miller took part in How To Rock and co-created Romeo!, a popular Nickelodeon television show that starred his son.

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