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Omar Yubeili

A well-known Mexican-American actor, Omar Yubeili is well recognized for his parts in programs like La Rosa De Guadalupe. His full name is Omar Yubeili Baos.

What is the Net Worth of Omar Yubeili? Salary, Earnings

Omar Yubeili’s successful careers as an actor and singer have undoubtedly made him wealthy. His net worth is thought to be $1.5 million. The musician has not yet disclosed his earnings or wealth, though.

He also earns well from modeling and brand endorsements. He is succeeding in the advertising field because of his big Instagram following.

Where was Omar Yubeili born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Omar Yubeili is a Mexican actor best known for his work in the 2008 film Manana es para Siempre. He was born in Mexico on April 2, 1996.

On April 2, 1996, a youngster born in Mexico named Yubeili came and gave his parents blessings. According to current astrologers, he is an Aries.

Omar has kept his identity and knowledge about his parents private and has kept his private information concealed behind closed doors. But in November 2015, he did share the picture with his nephew.

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Omar Yubeili

Is Omar Yubeili Single? Relationship

Omar Yubeili has always kept his personal affairs secret. Omar is probably dating Steffy Toresso even though he hasn’t made any public declarations about it.

They appeared to be posing together in his lone Instagram image, which had the Spanish phrase “In the good and the worse” inscribed in the caption.

Additionally, while not known to have romantic ties with his co-stars who are of the opposite gender, the two seem to be quite close.

How tall is Omar Yubeili? Weight, Hair Color

The composer, Yubeili, can seduce any female because of his attractive features. He has deep hazel eyes, a pale complexion, and dark brown hair.

The singer, who was born in Mexico, stands 5 feet, 1 inch, or 155 centimeters, tall and has several traits unique to his ethnic group. He has always weighed around 60 kg or 115 lbs.


Speaking of his distinctive features, Omar Yubeili has tattoos on both his arms and right leg. A lion’s head tattoo that stands for bravery is inked on his left arm.

Similar to that, Alan Tocsik, a tattoo artist, created the ink on his leg. Additionally, Yubeili has disclosed that his mother disapproved of his tattoo.

Experiencing An Explosion In His Residence

Yubeili suffered facial injuries from an explosion that occurred at his home in 2021. He knew it was foolish of him to have left the gas key open because that was what caused the explosion.

The hero of Tomorrow is Forever, Yubeili, who underwent surgery to transplant skin onto his face since it was burned and appeared worse.

On his Tiktok, he posted an image of his bandaged-up face. Omar had to take great care of his skin even after the operation since the sun may hurt his delicate skin.

Even though his face is completely healed and the scar is no longer visible, he still experiences worry on occasion. Omar also expressed his gratitude to everyone who had offered him supportive messages and best wishes during his darkest hour.

How did Omar Yubeili start his Professional Career?

Omar Yubeili began his professional career at a young age, and through hardship and perseverance, he rose to become one of the most well-known figures.

His first part was in the 2009 television series Wild Heart, in which he played Renato Vidal Montes de Oca.

For his part as Chino in the television series El Senor de los Cielos, Omar is well-known. Many people praised him for his outstanding work as Chino. Yubeili has also appeared in the films Simply Mara and Como Dice el Dicho.

He has had the chance to work with several notable individuals during his acting career, including Malcriado, Carolina Dáz, Kevin Achotegui, and Pellegrini. On his IMDb page, he has a total of 12 acting credits.

He has contributed to several TV shows, including Hijas de la Luna, Yago, Simply Maria, and others.

The longest-running program on which Yubeili has so far worked is La Rosa de Guadalupe. 2008 was the initial debut, and 2016 saw the end of it. It is a 14-season Univision television program.

The series centers on a situation in which people turn to the Virgin Mary in trying times, and Rosa’s presence helps to solve their problems.

Except for La Cantet and De su Propio Chocolate, when he appeared as Emmanuel, Omar appeared in all eleven episodes of this show. He has portrayed a different character every time.

Omar is well-recognized for his work as a guitarist, singer, and composer in the music industry. He enjoys music and has always loved listening to it.

Yubeili has been used in several songs and projects that have received high recognition. Additionally, you may listen to his songs on Ganna, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Yubeili, a singer who performs under the karma moniker, shares his work on his YouTube channel. His songs include Como Antes, Karma, Villana, and others.

Performs Numerous Concerts

As a vocalist, Yubeili makes an effort to be among people he admires and wants them to feel good. To do this, he signs many shows and continually looks for new methods to connect with his fans.

On his Instagram post, he has caught scenes from his concert. A large number of his fans attended his event to hear his songs and get swept up in the music.

Yubeili, an actress who plays Simple Mary, participated in Billboard’s Latin showcase in 2018. He has enlisted the help and support of his loved ones in his vote.

But in 2019, he and his fellow musicians took part in Billboard’s Latin Music showcase. One of the best performances in the showcase, according to his performance.

The famous dog has worked with several tiktokers and on-screen actors. Omar also took pictures with Swaggy Wolfdog and shared them on his Instagram page.

Omar, the actor from Tomorrow is Forever, is a multi-talented individual with a natural flair for everything. His ability to ride a horse is one of several.

Yubeili is proud of himself for having mastered horseback riding in 2018. He uploaded a picture of himself on a dark horse on his social media pages.

Social Media Details

A well-known media personality named Yubeili uses social media frequently. He is quite active on all of the main social media sites, where he has accounts.

His 1.3 million fans on Instagram, @omaryubeili, enjoy every update and post the musician makes. Similar to this, he has a sizable following (162k) on Twitter with the handle @Omaryubeili.

In a similar vein, he has over 700,000 Facebook fans and, a partir de this writing, 2.9 million TikTok fans under the handle @Omaryubeili.

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