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Ona Grauer

Ona Grauer, a Mexican-Canadian actress, has appeared in films such as House of the Dead, Elysium, and Firewall. Therefore, let’s learn about her prosperity, marital status, and early existence.

The model’s acting career has generated significant wealth. She has appeared in several films and television programs, which has helped her amass a substantial amount of money.

Grauer has a net worth of over $1 million a partir de 2022. She has kept the quantity of her compensation a secret until now. We are all aware of her accomplishments in the television industry.

What is the Net Worth of Ona Grauer? Salary, Earnings

According to reports, actors and performers earn an average of $50,64 per year. However, the range is typically between $41,737 and $61,840. Depending on one’s abilities, the salary range may also be quite broad.

Grauer may achieve extensive success and a respectable income after a great deal of struggle and hard work. House of the Dead, one of Grauer’s films, grossed approximately $13.8 million at the box office. Eiza Gonzalez has a net worth of $5 million. You might enjoy reading Zuleyka Silver.

Where was Ona Grauer born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Ona Grauer was born in Mexico City on November 16, 1975 to Ana-Margarita Grauer. She is 46 years old and holds citizenship in both Canada and Mexico. One was born a Scorpio. She was reared in Nelson, British Columbia after her parents relocated there.

Her academic background remains a secret. Her mother’s name is Kate Grauer, but her father’s identity is unknown. Kate will reach 85 years old on March 18, 2022. Grauer made her acting début alongside Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate SG-1.

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Ana-Margarita Grauer
Ona Grauer
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Kate Grauer

Is Ona Grauer Married? Relationship

Ona Grauer was previously married to Aaron Dudley, an actor best known for his roles in Smallville, John Tucker Must Die, and Good Luck Chuck.

Dudley additionally designs and plans events. The former couple married in 2003 after a brief courtship. She wishes to conceal much of her private life, however. The details of their separation are unknown.

During their marriage, the ex-couple also had a son and a daughter, for a total of two children.

Their 2004-born son Cian Dudley recently graduated from high school in June 2019. Their daughter Maeve Dudley is still enrolled in secondary school.

Despite their legal separation, Ona and Aaron continue to be friends and co-parent their two children. Ona, her ex-husband, and their child attended Cian’s commencement to offer their congratulations. Jamie Gillis, who resembles Zarela Martinez, is Zarela’s spouse.

How did Ona Grauer start her Professional Career?

Ona Grauer, a Mexican-Canadian actress, is best known for her roles on the television series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. She appeared in films such as Firewall, Elysium, and House of the Dead.

Grauer has appeared in several television series, including the Ona Grauer V series, First Wave, Ladies Night, Sliders, Freedom, Smallville, Archer, and Andromeda.

Currently, Ona is reportedly courting Teal Moffat, according to a recent Instagram photo. On their fifth wedding anniversary, January 25, 2022, she posted pictures of the couple.

Five years have flown by, Teal!” she wrote. One of my fondest memories is when you remarked, “This place smells great. When we entered Coast, we remarked, “It smells like food.” I cherish my ring just as much as I cherish you. You might enjoy reading Zuleyka Silver.

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