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The statement reads, “When I look into your eyes, I sense a love repressed. When Ellen Allen was 16 years old, she first met Rance Allen, one of the finest musicians in history.

The Rance Allen Group’s lead vocalist Rance Allen and his wife appeared to have been in a long-term relationship for over 47 years, and it seems that the love was reflected in his songs and writing.

What is the Net Worth of Rance Allen? Salary, Earnings

Allen is a successful musician who makes a livelihood from his career. A musician makes, on average, $39,328 a year, according to Payscale. He has built a fortune in the thousands of dollars and beyond from his musical career.

Together with his brothers Tom and Steve, he co-founded The Rance Allen Group in 1969, an Ohio-based gospel music group where he performed as a singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter.

The average compensation for a gospel vocalist is $69,181, according to Simplyhired.com. The estimated value consequently ranges in the thousands of dollars.

Where was Rance Allen born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, and Education

A Summary of Allen’s Life Rance was born on November 19, 1948, in Monroe, Michigan. The musician, who is now 69, was born under the sign of the Scorpio.

He has contributed his matchless vocal and gospel sound to world music ever since The Rance Allen Group was founded. Rance was recognized as one of the Great Men of Gospel in 2009 by the Black Academy of Arts and Letters.

He has not disclosed his family members and educational background.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth


Marital Status


Net Worth


November 19, 1948
Not Yet
Not Disclosed
Not Yet






72 Years 7 Month(s)
Ellen Marie Allen (M.1970 – )
African American

Is Allen Single? Relationship

Despite this, on November 26, 2017, the couple commemorated their 47th wedding anniversary. Ellen wrote Happy 47th wedding anniversary to Rance Allen on Facebook as she shared a snapshot of herself and him.

The pair have proven the advantages of their union in a sustained relationship. The couple is currently enjoying the taste of a stable family life in a loving partnership.

When Ellen Allen first fell in love with the six-year-old musician, she was only 16. They then advanced their relationship by getting married in 1970 with the approval of Ellen’s father.

Since then, the pair has been married for almost 47 years and has never discussed a divorce. Rance Allen, who was promoted to the position of Bishop, and his wife Ellen have welcomed about 35 Godchildren to the Church of God in Christ.

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