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Cheryl Ladd

The role she played in “Charlie’s Angels” catapulted Cheryl Ladd to recognition as an accomplished actress and singer. For many years, her acting prowess has been showcased on television and in movies.

The question, “Is Cheryl Ladd still alive?” has been on everyone’s mind lately.In 2023, Cheryl Ladd is still going strong and performing for crowds at the age of 72. She continues to be employed in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. Ladd is still a well-liked figure in Hollywood, and her vibrancy and commitment to her craft have not diminished.

Currently, Cheryl Ladd’s Situation

The question, “Is Cheryl Ladd still alive?” needs to be answered definitively in order to remove any doubt. – Cheryl is still alive, yes. Despite living in Los Angeles at the moment, she continues to be active in the entertainment sector. “A Cowgirl’s Song” is one of her most recent works, which was released on television in 2022. She also serves as a celebrity ambassador for Childhelp in addition to her professional career.

Age and Early Years of Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd, who was born in Huron, South Dakota, on July 12, 1951, began her acting career in the early 1970s. She will turn 72 in 2023 and will still be a strong professional force. Her career-launching performance in “Charlie’s Angels” in 1977 signaled the beginning of a renowned one.

Career and Achievements of Cheryl Ladd to Date

The accomplishments of Cheryl go beyond her renowned performance in “Charlie’s Angels” to include work in film, television, and music. “Purple Hearts” (1984) and “Poison Ivy” (1992) are two of the movies she has acted in. In addition to her acting accomplishments, she has also dazzled audiences with her singing talents, releasing an album that reached its peak at number 25 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Cast members of Cheryl Ladd

Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, two of Cheryl Ladd’s “Charlie’s Angels” co-stars, have remained close. She cherishes the memory of her friendship with the late Farrah Fawcett. She was impacted by these relationships on an emotional and professional level.

Private Life of Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd married twice in her private life. She has been with Brian Russell, her current spouse, since 1981. Their children form a close-knit family for them. Cheryl lives life to the fullest and emanates beauty and passion in everything she does.


In 2023, Cheryl Ladd is not only still alive but also thriving. Her artistic accomplishments, connections with her co-stars, and love-filled private life continue to be an inspiration. She serves as an inspiration to both fans and other artists and is an enduring symbol of brilliance and poise in the entertainment industry.

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