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Amber Borzotra

Amber Borzotra is a model and actor. Ondina Aslinger and Allan Borzotra are extremely proud of their daughter. Borzotra is an American model and television personality. The model rose to prominence after appearing on Big Brother 16. Amber is also a guest House on the show.

The Challenge is an MTV reality competition based on two MTV reality shows, Road Rules and The Real World. Amber, a television personality, made her most recent appearance on the television series The Challenge, which helped her steadily gain notoriety. Borzotra was fiercely competitive and dangerously popular, serving as the first member of Season 16’s “Bomb Squad,” a hugely popular House alliance.

Amber Borzotra’s Parents Are Allan Borzotra and Ondina Aslinger

Borzotra was born to Ondina Aslinger and Allan Borzotra in Knoxville, Tennessee, and presently resides in North Hollywood, California. Her mother, Aslinger, met Allan while he was serving in the United States Army as a combat medic. However, the couple has been divorced for quite some time.

Their relationship faded over time. Ondina married Brian Eugene Aslinger after her divorce from Allan. The model also has two siblings, Ariana and Aaron. They were all reared in impoverished households. Amber, a television personality, was born in Germany on January 13, 1988.

Her mother is the little girl’s greatest motivator and source of strength. When asked what she would do if she won ‘Big Brother,’ Amber responded she would make sure her mother never had to work again. Furthermore, Borzotra, the model, places family first and is very close to her grandmother.

Reality TV Cast Parents Age Difference

Because the model hasn’t shared anything about her parents, we can assume Allan Borzotra and Ondina Aslinger are at least 3-5 years apart in age. Amber’s Father, on the other hand, must be in their early 60s based on Amber’s age. A female model is 34 years old in 2022. Her mother, Aslinger, died in March 2012 at the age of 45.

Borzotra is of German and American descent. Her father is of African-American descent, while her mother is German. The fashion blogger is already an aunt to a beautiful niece named Nova. She started off as an esthetician and was well-known for her waxing, skincare, and makeup abilities.

Amber Borzotra Net Worth And Career Information

Amber Borzotra has an estimated net worth of $83 million. She made a living as a model. The model competed on Big Brother in 2014 and made her debut on The Challenge in 2020. Similarly, Amber was the first Big Brother houseguest to win the task championship, collecting $450,000 plus an additional $5,000 for winning the “Interrogation” assignment.

The female, on the other hand, has a chance to win Season 37 of the show. Pillow Talk with Amber and Hannah is Borzotra’s Zeus Network program. Amber, in addition to being a model, is a fashion blogger and a medical esthetician. In 2012, the TV personality studied esthetics at the Douglas J. Aveda Institute for a year.

Furthermore, a fashion blogger was featured on television shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful in 2014. She also participated in Just Living: The Web Series in 2017. Borzotra also earned an average of $54,000 per year as a female model and $58 thousand as a medical esthetician.

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