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Gila Goodman

Gila Goodman is a well-known actress who has acted in films such as Dogfood (2018) and Beyond the Neon (2022). The plot of Beyond the Neon is as follows:

“A careless YouTuber and his film team expose human sex trafficking in Las Vegas through a risky social experiment.” Larry A. McLean directed the picture, which stars Joseph Saladino, Frank Pesce, and Cynthia Lucero and was written by Marisa Dzintars and Woodrow Wilson Hancock III. Goodman works as a real estate agent for Simply Vegas, one of Las Vegas’ leading brokers.

Gila Goodman From Beyond The Neon: Age Wikipedia And More

The actress has not given her birth date, although she appears to be younger than 30 based on her appearance. Goodman stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her physical appearance, other than her height, is unknown. Gila is a broker with Simply Vegas, one of the top in Las Vegas, Nevada. Goodman’s LinkedIn page states, “Your home, in my opinion, should be respected as your haven.”

Whether you are purchasing your first home or looking for the ultimate retirement home, the process should be flawless. She then goes on to remark, “I know that your House is more than just a place to live; it’s where you create enduring memories because I am a family lady and a homeowner myself.”

She assists her clients in navigating the often difficult sea partir de the home-buying and selling process, resulting in a positive experience. When she is not busy servicing her customers, Gila enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Donut. Real estate agents can be found on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

As of October 17, 2022, she had 34 LinkedIn connections and 19.9 K YouTube subscribers. Similarly, she has 762 and 28.4K followers on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. The real estate agent has a YouTube channel where she broadcasts her films. On June 21, 2016, she became a member of this channel.

Gila Goodman Is Engaged to Joey Salads, a Well-Known Prankster.

Gila Goodman is set to marry Joey Salads in December 2021. He’s created a number of prank videos for her and shared them on his YouTube and Instagram profiles. Joey is a YouTube video content producer known for his hilarious prank videos. He started with TikTok and was popular on Vine before it was shut down.

Likewise, the prankster used the handle “JoeySalads” on social media. Joey was born on Staten Island, New York, on December 10, 1993. A 29-year-old joker’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His name is Joseph Saladino, and he is a United States citizen. Joseph also enjoys making practical jokes about his friends.

Tanisha Coetzee, his ex-girlfriend, is believed to have left him due to his violent behavior and pranks. Tanisha, on the other hand, has always backed Saladino and says he has always treated her well. Another astonishing fact is that Joey made Gila laugh in the shower by pretending to be dead. Gila expressed her feelings as she watched him die, saying, “I’m not sure what love is, but I believe I care for my lover.”

Gila Goodman’s Net Worth

She has not disclosed her net worth to the press. However, a partir de 2023, the average realtor’s salary in Los Angeles, California is $102,187. Goodman makes the most of his money as a real estate agent. She approaches the evolving world of residential real estate with a client-first mindset, drawing on her broad knowledge of digital marketing and sales.

She believes that in order to give a happy and gratifying experience, a real estate agent should be your strongest champion and advisor. In her opinion, a real estate agent should do more than just oversee deals. She takes delight in ensuring that her customers are handled with dignity and attention during this difficult time in their lives.

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